Our approach to on hold messaging is simplicity at its finest. Having the ability to combine a captive audience with a skillfully crafted message is a win-win. With our no hassle service, eConomyHold gives callers the assurance that you care about them without insulting their intelligence, or telling them “your call is important to us”. They deserve better.


Companies of all sizes that use on-hold messages said that those messages were a useful marketing tool for their businesses. eConomyHold is an easy way to help build a proffesional image without the need for awkward silence or an even worse monotone operator. A personal message from your buisness shows that you are serious about your company and you pay attention to the little details.


On hold customers are the best target market there is. You already know they want information: they called YOU. Use eConomyHold to focus on your brand, the services you offer, and share product information. On hold marketing is a cost-effective way to achieve the greatest return on investment.