Will eConomyHold help the image of my overall business?

Absolutely! eConomyHold portrays a professional and personal essences that lets callers know that you care about them.

Will eConomyHold work with my multi-line phones I bought at the office supply store?

No. eConomyHold will only work with a PBX phone system. Check with your phone system technician to be sure you have this kind of system.

I am not sure what the difference is between a PBX phone system and a multi-line phone?

eConomyHold DOES NOT SUPPORT MULTI-LINE PHONES Learn the difference.

I don’t have a compatible phone system, where can I get one?

Here is our suggestion for a low cost system, there are others out there that will work. Search and find one that will work for you and your business.

Can I have a fully-customized recording?

Yes. Use the form on your “Script Preparation” tab to send us your script. We will produce your eConomyHold recording using your script and the music you have selected.

Can I install this myself?

Yes. Setup takes only a few minutes and instructions are included.

How many fully customized recordings are included with my purchase?

You are entitled to two customized recordings per year. If you require additional recordings contact us and we will provide affordable pricing.